PAUL RICE GALLERY: 66 Women Potters; June 8th – July 6th 2019

Post date: Jun 5, 2019 - Author: Stephen
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Paul says ” ​I have now been selling art for 50 years – and exhibiting studio ceramics for 40 years. One of the many things that attracted me to pots is that this is one of the very few areas of the visual arts where women have had an almost level playing field. Their contribution has been enormous. This exhibition will have work by 66 of them….”

Brigitta Appleby,  Val Barry,  Betty Blandino,  Norah Braden,  Amanda Brier,  Alison Britton,  Sandy Brown,  Deirdre Burnett,  Barbara Cass,  Sheila Casson,  Margery Clinton,  Joanna Constantinidis,  Marianne de Trey, Ruth Duckworth, Constance Dunn,  Sybil Finnemore,  Sheila Fournier,  Elizabeth Fritsch,  Margaret Frith,  Mary Gibson-Horrocks,  Jane Hamlyn,  Lisa Hammond,  Gwyn Hanssen,  Keiko Hasegawa,  Margi Hine,  Agnete Hoy,  Stefanie Kalan,  Dorothy Kemp,  Ruth King,  Janet Leach,  Margaret Leach,  Jennifer Lee,  Jo Lester,  Eileen Lewenstein,  Gillian Lowndes,  Kate Malone,  Margaret Marks,  Carol McNicoll,  Ursula Mommens,  Aki Moriuchi,  Pamela Nash,  Jane Osborn-Smith,  Elspeth Owen,   Evelyn Papp,  Diana Peyton,  Helen Pincombe,  Katharine Pleydell-Bouverie,  Jacqui Poncelet,  Sara Radstone,  Ann Wynn Reeves,  Margaret Rey,  Christine Ann Richards,  Frances Richards,  Mary Rich,  Lucie Rie,  Mary Rogers,  Usch Spettigue,  Clare Sutcliffe,  Janice Tchalenko,  Pauline Thompson,  Vera Tollow,  Ruthanne Tudball,  Mary White,  Elizabeth Whitehouse,  Denise Wren,  Catherine Yarrow
Viewing is available every day by appointment. For those who prefer to come without an appointment the gallery will be open Saturday, June 8th from 10:00AM-3:00PM
TEL: 020 7419 6280 EMAIL: